Taylor Starts with a Win, but Who Gets the Credit?

Article excerpt


JAN MOLBY emerged with much of the credit for Hull City's 3-0 recovery win over Rochdale but it was just as hard to imagine him appreciating it as to fathom which of three managers had the greater influence.

New arrival Peter Taylor promptly handed the praise to one-game caretaker Billy Russell, who then passed it on to Molby following Hull's third win of a troubled season.

'That was the way Jan wanted them to play,' said youth coach Russell. 'I kept the same side and they proved what they could do.' For whatever reason, Hull did not do it for the former Liverpool midfielder.

Whether that says more about the players or Molby himself is a moot point - but chairman Adam Pearson's programme notes showed which side of the argument he supported.

Pearson wrote: 'I would urge the players to take this opportunity to prove that Jan's comments in the Press about them not being good enough and not being winners were wrong.' So Molby, even by default, may have been the main reason for Saturday's surprisingly convincing Division Three eclipse of a Rochdale side suffering only their third league defeat of the season. Hull played with unaccustomed flair to win with goals from Phil Jevons and Michael Branch (2). …