Photography Is Hot, Sellable and Here to Stay. (from the Editor)

Article excerpt


As I researched my cover story on the wisdom of adding photographs to the gallery mix, I realized that I was mistaken in my view of photography s place in the Art Business News-level art market. I spoke to gallery directors, show organizers and other experts in the field, and the truth is, there is no "photography controversy." Photography is here, it's accepted, it's highly collectible, and it's selling like crazy.

When I started writing my story, I was certain I would have to find people to refute arguments like, "Photography doesn't work with my other gallery offerings" or "My collectors will never buy photography because it just won't look right with their current collection." Gallery owner Yancy Richardson, a veteran photography dealer, was quick to dispel that argument when she told me, "You know, I can't say I've ever heard anyone say that."

So my theory went right out the door. Indeed, as I continued my research, it became obvious that photography is accepted at all levels of the art market. Major museums have established active photography departments, publishers are selling out their photography editions, a brand-new photography show is kicking off this month and the floors of the most prestigious art fairs in the world are filled with photography. …