BALI COPS: WE WILL CATCH THE ANGEL OF DEATH; Hunt for Woman Bomber Gathers Pace

Article excerpt


THE net was closing last night on the woman who planted the Bali bomb.

Indonesian police were questioning a girl they believe to be a close friend of the bomber.

Officers were confident they would soon catch the terrorist, known on Bali as the Angel of Death.

Local police commissioner Yatim Soyatomo said: "We believe the witness we are questioning knows who this bomber is. We think she will be able to help us to find her."

More than 180 people were killed last weekend when a massive car bomb destroyed the Sari nightclub in Kuta Beach.

Most of the victims were young Australians. Thirty-two Britons are thought to have died.

Indonesia's government says fanatics linked to al-Qaeda carried out the attack.

As Australia staged a national day of mourning yesterday, more witness accounts emerged of how the bomb was planted.

A Mitsubishi minivan full of explosives was seen being parked outside the Sari Club. The female driver, who looked Indonesian, ran to a waiting car and escaped.

The getaway car was parked so it blocked the street. It made sure the normally crowded road was clear for the bombers to speed off.

Police believe there were eight terrorists in the gang.

One bombed another busy club nearby. A barmaid at Paddy's Bar saw an Indonesian man walk in and throw a plastic bag full of explosives.

The blast drove young people into the street, to be killed seconds later by the bomb in the minivan.

Police are sure the Sari Club explosion was set off by a timing device or remote control.

Officers now believe there was a second bomb at the club. They would not say how or where it was planted.

Two fishermen from Bali and two Pakistani males were being held for questioning last night.

Officers from Britain, Australia and America are helping with the inquiry, which is centred on Moslem terror group Jemaah Islamiah. …