Pablo Picasso - Bull's Head

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Have you ever looked at the clouds in the sky and thought that they looked like animals? Have you seen rocks that look like animals? If you look closely at some of the things around your house and yard, you might be able to see shapes which remind you of animals. These animals are not really there. You are seeing them with your mind rather than with your eyes. This is called imagination.

Pablo Picasso was a Spanish artist who spent most of his life working in France. When he was a young teenager in Spain, Pablo painted pictures of people that looked very realistic. Pablo was a very skilled and creative artist. He soon moved to Paris and began to do paintings which were different from his early paintings.

One of his later works shows how he used his imagination to see things that were not really there. Many people had seen the same bicycle seat and handlebars hanging in a bicycle shop in Paris. No one had noticed anything unusual about them. To most, they just looked like a bicycle seat and handle-bars. Picasso saw more.

His imagination was strong. …