PSCP Committee Discusses Early Childhood Education

Article excerpt

The Public Safety and Crime Prevention (PSCP) Steering Committee developed new policy on the importance of early childhood education, public safety technology, racial profiling and emergency management during its fall meeting in Everett, Wash.

The meeting, chaired by Bismarck, N.D., Commissioner W. Bryce Hill, was hosted by Everett Mayor Frank Anderson.

Early Childhood Education

Committee members reviewed the proposed PSCP policy on early childhood education and decided to incorporate the existing resolution on media violence into the section.

The proposed policy now emphasizes the importance of quality early childhood education as a deterrent to crime. The committee also committed to work with the Human Development Committee on early childhood education issues in the future.

Public Safety Technology

The proposed amendments to the public safety technology policy include:

* Urging the federal government to conduct a national inventory of all records information systems and to integrate these into one composite system.

* The use of technology in surveillance activities and balancing these activities with civil liberties and liability issues.

* Developing guidelines for interoperable equipment.

In addition, the committee requested that the Information Technology and Communications (ITC) Committee continue its work on public safety technology issues.

Profiling and Immigration

The committee approved creating a new section in the PSCP chapter for policy on profiling. The section emphasizes the need for full federal funding for training and education, federal standards for profiling training, and guidance on data collection.

The policy also stresses the importance of communities and states adopting policy on profiling. …