Lina Alerts Peace-Order councils.(Main News)

Article excerpt


Interior and Local Government Secretary Jose D. Lina Jr. yesterday asked all 79 governors, 1,612 mayors, and 41,943 barangay captains throughout the country to alert their peace and order councils or committees, as the case may be, to put in place their antiterrorism plans.

In a directive, Lina said local government units should adopt and strengthen their public safety plan to include an anti-terrorism component with a specific provision on reporting and feedback mechanism for law enforcement authorities to ensure the regular and constant monitoring of unusual and suspicious movements of people in their localities.

Lina said the Peace and Order Council may initiate or conduct assemblies, meetings, fora to inform, educate, and prepare the citizens on how to be vigilant in dealing with terrorist threats.

Earlier ,the Department o f Interior and Local Government (DILG) presented to members of Congress and the Cabinet a 10point police-community anti-terrorism plan during the National Security Council meeting in Malacanang.

Lina also directed all barangayleaderss to mobilize their barangay "tanods "(guards) nationwide to conduct 24- hour daily "rondas" (patrols) whenever practicable and searches in public places to deter terrorist threats, as well as report suspicious-loooking persons and their bags or belongings to the PNP member or any law enforcement agency for verification, inspection, and further investigation. …