New and Newly Discovered Periodicals. (Periodical Notes)

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BAD JENS: IRANIAN FEMINIST NEWSLETTER 1999?-- . Ed.: Mahsa Shekarloo. Frequency of publication: flexible. Free: online only. Website: (Issues examined: Third (1 August 2000); Fourth (21 November 2000); Fifth (25 May 2002))

"Bad lens is a feminist online magazine mainly addressing readers outside Iran," writes Mahsa Shekarloo, who has lived both in Tehran and in the U.S., in the fifth edition. "It is hoped to be a step towards improving links between activists/academics inside and outside the county. [Since] intellectual and cultural exchanges between Iran and its neighbors are few and far between--especially regarding women's activities--we're particularly eager to reach readers in the Middle East."

The magazine's mission: "to smash the myths, interrogate the stereotypes, and dismantle the barriers."

About the title: "Bad" means "bad," and "jens" means "gender, nature, or type." The two terms usually appear as one word--"badjens"--meaning "disreputable or sly."

Each edition contains interviews (there's one in the fourth edition with Shahla Lahiji, publisher and reformist intellectual imprisoned for attending the Berlin Conference; in the fifth, one with women workers in Iranian factories) and articles (e.g., "Orientalism--An Experimental Approach"; "Afghan Refugees in Iran"; and "Of Numbers Greater Than Nineteen," about prostitution and the murder of nineteen women in the city of Mashad). The latest edition also includes news, announcements, and a list of recent books about or by Iranian women.

ENUT NEWS 1999- 2-3/yr. Free: online only. Eesti Naisuurimus-ja Teabekeskus (Estonian Women's Studies and Resource Centre), Narva mnt 25-410, 10120, Tallinn, Estonia; email:; website: (English); (Estonian) (Issues examined: 1/1999, 2/1999, 2/2000, 1/2001)

An online publication of the Estonian Women's Studies and Resource Centre at Tallinn Pedagogical University, established in 1997 as the first women's resource center in Estonia, ENUT News has been issued by the center since 1999. The newsletter has offered short articles on the organization's history and growth, emerging women's studies programs around the country, and women's role in Estonian politics and transition to democracy. Special issues have focused on men's studies and on conference proceedings such as those from the Estonian Women in Politics Conference, held in Tallinn in February 1999. In addition to this newsletter, the center issues a journal in Estonian and conducts seminars, conferences, and outreach programs. …