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JOURNAL OF DRUG ISSUES v.30, no. 4, Fall 2000: "Substance Use, Abuse, and Treatment: Feminist Perspectives." Guest ed.: Kathy G. Padgett; journal ed.: Bruce Bullington. ISSN: 022-0426. Subscription: 4/yr., $95.00 individuals in the U.S. ($120.00 institutions); $105.00 individuals elsewhere ($130.00 institutions); inquire about availability of single back issues. School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Florida State University, P.O. Box 66696, Tallahassee, FL 32313; phone: (850) 644-7368 or toll-free (877) 823-0015; email: jdi@garnet.fsu.edu; website: http://www2.criminology.fsu.edu/~jdi/

Contents: "Editor's Introduction: In Other Words" (Kathy G. Padgett); "Surviving Violence: Pregnancy and Drug Use" (Paloma Sales & Sheigla Murphy); "The Role of Alcohol in Male Partners' Assaults on Wives" (Holly Johnson); "Questioning Sex: Drug-Using Women and Heterosexual Relations" (Nina Mulia); "Crack and Prostitution: Gender, Myths, and Experiences" (Patricia G. Erickson, Jennifer Butters, Patti Mcgillicuddy, & Ase Hallgren); "Prostitution, Drug Use, and Coping with Psychological Distress" (Amy M. Young, Carol Boyd, & Amy Hubbell); "Drug-Using Women's Communication with Social Supporters about HIV/AIDS Issues" (Gregory P. Falkin & Sheila M. Strauss); "Gender Differences in How Intimate Partners Influence Drug Treatment Motivation" (Kara S. Riehman, Yih-Ing Hser, & Michelle Zeller); "Women and Drug Treatment Experiences: A Generational Comparison of Mothers and Daughters" (Claire E. Sterk, Kirk W. Elifson, & Katherine Theall); "I Didn't Know: Discoveries and Identity Transformation of Women Addicts in Tre atment" (Phyllis L. Baker); "Client Gender and the Implementation of Jail-Based Therapeutic Community Programs" (Jeffrey A. Bouffard & Faye S. Taxman); "Revisiting the Need for Feminism and Afrocentric Theory When Treating African-American Female Substance Abusers" (Amelia Roberts, Mary S. Jackson, Iris Carlton-Laney); "The War on Drugs and the Incarceration of Mothers" (Stephanie Bush-Baskette).

NIEMAN REPORTS v.55, no.4, Winter 2001: Special section, "Women and Journalism: International Perspectives"; v.56, no.1, Spring 2002: Special section, "Women and Journalism: A United States Perspective." Ed.: Melissa Ludtke. Subscription: 4/yr., $20. …