Cabinet Revamp Talks Pester despite denial.(Opinion &Amp; Editorial)

Article excerpt

IF there is spreading apprehension among some members of the Arroyo Cabinet, it could be that changes in the memberships of the official family are more likely than what Malacanang says in public.

In fact, sources say new appointments could be made as soon as late this month.

* * *

The Office of the President last week quibbled when asked on the issue of a Cabinet revamp, but admitted President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was regularly reviewing the performance of her Cabinet officials.

The President was often said the tenure of officials in her administration depends on the quality of their performance.

This idea of a Cabinet revamp has pestered Malacanang for some time but despite the repeated denial on talks about it persist more insistently.

* * *

In the Senate the other day, reactions were direct and to the point.

Senator Ramon Magsaysay Jr., a staunch administration ally, opined that if a Cabinet reshuffle was forthcoming, it should be done now.

He urged the President to name new replacements from a "roster of untainted, highly reliable experts who have the resolve to implement changes and to fight graft and corruption."

Members of government corporations and financial institutions whom administration Senator Ralph Recto described as "boardroom fat cats" for their fabulous perks but dull performance, should be booted out from government service.

* * *

It may be noted that in an earlier piece in this space on "lifestyle check" ordered by the President on government officials, I suggested that it start with these boardroom fat cats who have gained wide notoriety for their unscrupulous practices and behavior.

Findings on the lifestyle check could be a just basis for the retention or dismissal of public officials including members of the Cabinet. …