BoxerMath: Fundamental Math with Geometry. (Middle/High School Software)

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Located online at

Source: Boxer Learning, Inc., 200 East Main Street, Charlottesville, VA 22902; Phone: 800/736-2824; Fax: 434/817-5910; Web:

Access Fee: Annual license begins at $10 per student (minimum order of 35 students). Annual building license: $3,000.

Audience: Recommended for grades 3-5.

Format: Web site with text, graphics, audio.

Minimum System Requirements: Windows: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x or Netscape 4.x. Fundamental Math requires FlashPlayer 5.0.

Macintosh: Mac OS 8.1 or OS X in Classic Version. requires Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x for MacOS and Apple MRJ (MacOS Runtime for Java) 2.2. Fundamental Math requires FlashPlayer 5.0.

Description: BoxerMath: Fundamental Math With Geometry is an interactive math tutorial that allows students to study concepts through a series of flashcard-like practice activities. A management feature tracks student progress.

Reviewer Comments: Installation/Access: The Web site is accessed by a password log-on procedure. The home page loaded easily. Some of the tutorial pages took longer to load than others. Installation/

Access Rating: A

Content/Features: BoxerMath: Fundamental Math--Geometry consists of three main areas where students learn and explore geometry: the Tutorial Center, Gymnasium, and Point of Reference.

All of the lessons in the Tutorial Center consist of a series of slides. Using the Travel Bar, students can move through the lessons and activities. Geometry includes the strands of Basic Concepts, Exploring Shapes, Measuring Shapes, and Advanced Concepts.

Basic Concepts relates to points, segments, rays, lines, angles, protractors, parallel, intersecting and perpendicular paths.

Exploring Shapes focuses on open and closed figures, polygons, triangles, quadrilaterals, circles, lines of symmetry, sliding/turning/flipping shapes, and congruence and similarity.

Measuring Shapes explores perimeter, area of rectangles/squares/parallelograms/triangles, and volume.

Advanced Concepts includes Pi and using a geometric vocabulary.

The concepts are presented through the use of colorful animation. This visual approach would benefit students who have been experiencing difficulty grasping a concept and works well as a basic introduction to a topic.

For example, in the section on volume, cubes were used to fill the container. By counting the number of cubes needed to fill the container, students used a visual representation to determine the correct answer.

The concept of Pi used an example of a dime. As the dime rolled onto a straight line, a ruler appeared and the student was able to measure the diameter of the coin.

These visual animations provide an excellent tool to assist students in grasping concepts.

Audio is available for the narrative text.

The Gymnasium area offers extra practice and assessment beyond the problems offered in the Tutorial Center. Cumulative tests and final exams provide a record of student progress. …