Secure the Educational base.(Opinion &Amp; Editorial)

Article excerpt

WE do not have to sell education to our people. Most of us regard it as of the highest value among the bequests that one generation passes on to another. Many parents are willing to take the bitterest cup of sacrifice so as to be able to pay and provide for the education of their children.

But the facts on the ground fall way short of our people's idealism regarding education. Educational standards have been falling. The levels of competency in English have alarmingly deteriorated. Our comparative scores in math and science are dismal. Moreover, most of our students go to school just to pass, if possible get a degree, and obtain a convenient certificate for employment. For most Filipinos, indeed, schooling is but the door to a job. In many instances, it is simply an essential part of the process of getting a passport with which to go abroad, where jobs are more plentiful and much better paying.

It is high time we fought to secure our educational base upon which our progress as a people can be anchored.

First, we need to expand our educational base and include everyone in it. We have to bring to training and continuing education not just all those in the traditional school age group (from 6 to 21 years old), but also all those who are working, irrespective of age. Thus, at whatever age anyone leaves school in order to start working, he or she should be given the opportunity to get lifelong training and education. For as long as a person is able to work, he or she should continue to be trained and educated. This is the demand of our dynamic, more globally interconnected age.

Second, we need to stress responsible citizenship in our educational system. …