Robbie Williams: Robbie's the Man on Top of His World; Phil Gould Speaks to the No. 1 Star at the Pinnacle of His Pop Career

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Byline: Phil Gould

THERE is no doubting Robbie Williams' status as the crown prince of pop. Millions of fans adore him and he has recently landed the biggest record deal in British music history.

The 29-year-old former Take That star star is unsurprisingly delighted with his success with a record deal, reportedly worth a staggering pounds 80m.

``There's been a lot written about this deal and understandably, it's a big deal, do you know what I mean?

``But I've got money, I always have had. I've had enough to do whatever I want. I don't feel any richer, but I'm not giving it back. You know, it's a deal. I've got an amazing new album. I'm very proud of who I am. I'm very proud of what I do.''

However, Robbie sounds much more unsure about how he is going to spend his new-found millions: ``I'm a celebrity - we have many divorces. A lot of it will go to future ex-wives,'' he initially quips, before admitting: ``I don't know what I'll do with the money.

``I've got a pair of jeans. I've got a pair of trainers. I've got some nice suits. I don't feel the need for many cars, you can only ride in one.''

The singer's latest album, Escapology, has just hit the top of the charts and he has a European and British tour planned for next year.

But despite his cheeky smile, it seems he is not quite as certain of himself as you might suppose.

``People should come and see me soon because I think after this tour and album, it's all downhill. I genuinely do think this is the pinnacle of my career and people should catch me while I'm hot or come down and see the holiday shows at Butlins with Oasis in five years.''

What's more, the entertainer says his jovial image is often a front and he has developed a metaphorical shield to protect himself. I know how to get into the light and make my eyes shine and I know how to smile,'' he says. …