GMA Needs Strong Cabinet support.(Opinion &Amp; Editorial)

Article excerpt

THE people's expectations for significant changes in the Arroyo administration may not have been assuaged by the recent replacements in the Cabinet but, at least, the public may now be ready to believe that real reforms could be forthcoming.

When the news first came out that President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was preparing a list of Cabinet members to be replaced, it was hailed by various quarters, including administration leaders in both Houses of Congress.

It was seen as the beginning of administration reforms.


Actually, Malacanang has been threatening to boot out Cabinet secretaries by repeatedly announcing they were being watched in the performance of their duties.

In fact, when it was suggested that all Cabinet members should tender their courtesy resignations as has been the practice at the end of each year, Malacanang spokesmen were emphatic that such courtesies were not necessary.

They said members of the Cabinet remain in office at the pleasure of the President.

They can be removed any time - with or without cause - but especially if they fail to perform to the satisfaction of the appointing authority which means the President.


This could be the reason Cabinet members have been competing among themselves in the media, proclaiming what they consider to be their achievements in their respective departments.

But if they think they are impressing anybody, they are deluding themselves.

The senators, in particular - probably because they are in part responsible for the confirmation of their appointments - are vocally unimpressed by some Cabinet officials' media hype. …