Combating Radical feminism.(LETTERS)(FORUM)

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I'm a man. No, I'm not attempting to assert my prowess or masculinity a la the Brawny paper towel guy - and some might argue that to be an exercise in futility anyhow. Rather, I mention this directly because it comes up quite frequently as a footnote to political discourse. As in, "You're a man, so you have no right to an opinion on abortion," or, "(Sigh/hiss, eyes rolling) What do you know about feminism?"

Perhaps I'm all alone in this camp, but somehow I doubt it. And, frankly, it is insulting that many radical feminists assert that men aren't even deserving of weighing in on some of our culture's greatest social issues. While such statements might be viewed as a useful political gambit to deter dissent, they merely serve to highlight feminism's current agenda: to silence anyone who doesn't trumpet their radical ideology, even if their opponents happen to be women themselves.

But the actions of radical feminists clearly speak louder than their words.

When it comes to abortion, the National Organization for Women and Planned Parenthood won't even compromise with pro-lifers to end partial-birth abortion, which is a gruesome procedure that many believe is nothing less than infanticide. According to NOW President Kim Gandy, "the health and welfare of America's and the world's women and families have never been in greater jeopardy [with Trent Lott running the Senate and George W. Bush in charge of the White House]." Apparently, Ms. Gandy doesn't grasp the irony here - her opponents are actually trying to preserve the lives of those family members.

When Karen Hughes, counselor to President Bush, decided to resign so she could move back to her hometown in Texas to spend more time with her family, antifamily feminists accused her of selling out women by giving up her place in a male-dominated profession. On the contrary, however, this illustrated precisely the fact that women now have more choices available to them than ever before.

And when President Bush nominated Priscilla Owen of the Texas Supreme Court to the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals, she found herself in the cross hairs of the feminists' sights. Why? They knew Justice Owen's stellar record of actually imparting the law as opposed to legislating from the bench could impair the ability of furthering the feminist agenda. So much for men imposing the "glass ceiling"

All this aside, nowhere is radical feminism more apparent than on our nation's elite college campuses. Across the country, feminist professors are enlightening their students with their spurious odes of sex discrimination and victimology

For instance, the Program in Feminist Studies at Stanford University "focuses on how gender differences and gender inequality are created and perpetrated." The course Feminist Theory and Cultural Difference (FEMST 140Y) discusses "[h]ow questions of difference complicate theories about the general oppression of women." Other courses purport to deal solely with "women's subjective experiences," and students interested in entertaining their thespian desires can partake in Acting Queer: Gay and Lesbian Drama (DRAMA 155G). …