Print Center a Tribute to Paddock Family Presses Roll at Daily Herald's $50 Million Schaumburg Plant

Article excerpt

The board of directors of the Daily Herald on Thursday named the paper's new $50 million printing plant in Schaumburg the Paddock Printing Center in honor of the paper's founding family.

"Our new presses will produce news and advertising images in eye-popping color and will allow us to add sections and new products," said Douglas K. Ray, president and chief executive officer, Paddock Publications Inc., the parent company of the Daily Herald.

"It will also increase our capacity for growth into new suburban communities," he said.

The current Arlington Heights printing press, built in 1986, prints 32 pages at 60,000 copies per hour.

The two new printing presses can each print 48 pages at 70,000 copies per hour. They also have significantly more color capacity.

"This is a computer that happens to print papers," said Bob Finch, vice president/process.

The Daily Herald's current circulation hovers around 150,000, making it the third largest newspaper in the state. The old presses are running at capacity.

The 160,000-square-foot plant began printing the newspaper's classified advertising section this week. The company will continue to roll out additional sections on the new press until the entire transition is complete in mid-March. Next week, Food Plus and Suburban Living will move to the new press. News, Sports and Business won't be changed until March.

"There's going to be some fine tuning being done before then," pressroom operations supervisor Chad Connell said.

Each page is an inch narrower than those printed on the old press, conforming to an industry standard that has spread in recent years. The narrower width saves money on newsprint and makes the paper easier for readers to handle.

Last year's redesign of the Daily Herald was done with the new press in mind. The size of the type is the same on the new press, but readability improves with sharper, blacker reproduction. …