Catholic Shot Dead A 20-Year-Old Catholic Postal Worker Was Shot Dead on the Northern Outskirts of Belfast on Saturday in an Apparent Guerrilla Attack, Police Said

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Catholic shot dead

A 20-year-old Catholic postal worker was shot dead on the northern outskirts of Belfast on Saturday in an apparent guerrilla attack, police said. The killing took place in Rathcoole, a Protestant district, and followed serious sectarian rioting on the streets of the city this week.

Indian convoy set ablaze

Sabotage could not be ruled out as the cause of a blaze that engulfed an Indian army convoy carrying ammunition to the border with Pakistan, the chief minister of India's western state of Rajasthan said on Saturday. Two civilians were killed and 12 were injured on Friday when a truck in the convoy caught fire near Bikaner in Rajasthan, igniting a chain of more than 50 trucks.

Sierra Leone gesture

Eleven top rebel commanders in Sierra Leone have handed over their guns to United Nations peacekeepers as a symbolic final step in the disarmament programme to end one of Africa's most brutal wars. Since May 2001, the biggest UN peacekeeping force in the field has disarmed over 45,000 fighters to allow elections to take place in the world's poorest country, which has endured over a decade of bloodshed.

Ice causes Russian flood

Flooding in southern Russia forced 1,800 people from their homes on Saturday. Helicopters dropped bombs to try to break up ice floes blocking a nearby river in the Krasnodar region around the town of Tyemryuk. The mouth of the river remains blocked with floes.

Afghanistan needs $45bn

About $45bn will be required to rebuild Afghanistan's war-shattered economy and infrastructure and to launch development projects, the country's interim planning minister, Haji Mohammad Mohaqiq, said on Saturday. …