Defense Institute of Security Assistance Management Mobile Education Team Travels to Sofia, Bulgaria. (Education and Training)

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Bulgaria has emerged as a regional leader in promoting political and economic stability and strengthening democratic institutions. In recent years, the Government of Bulgaria has made great strides in reducing inflation, promoting foreign private investment, and undertaking economic privatization and legal reforms. Bulgariais success in strengthening democracy, the rule of law and their economic foundations will help the country to more fully integrate with the greater Euro-Atlantic community.

Bulgaria has made notable progress on broad economic and political reforms in recent years

These statements from the State Department 2002 Congressional Budget Justification for Foreign Operations give a strong indication why DISAM was invited back once again to teach the Security Assistance Management Planning and Resource Management (SAM-P) Course in July, 2002. The course had been presented twice before in Sofia, in 1997 and also in 1999.

The DISAM team arrived in Sofia on 11 July to begin their preparations for the course. The members of the instructional team were Ms Virginia Caudill, DISAM Director of Management Studies, and Dr. Larry Mortsolf, Professor Emeritus. They were accompanied by Ms. Helen Brinkley, DISAM assistant librarian, for administrative assistance. Dr. Mortsolf, the former DISAM Deputy Commandant, who came out of retirement to teach in this course, had taught in Sofia during the 1999 DISAM MET.

Twenty-eight students from the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense (MOD) and Armed Forces successfully completed the course from 15 through 19 July. Colonel Dimitar Dimitrov, the Deputy Director of the Armaments Policy Directorate, outlined the importance of the course in his opening remarks. He explained that the MOD is currently undergoing a Force Modernization study that includes recommendations for a process of equipment modernization and a review of the defense industrial base, along with recommendations on the design, implementation and sustainment of a force management system to include acquisition and force integration subsystems. …