Filipino Migrants &Amp; OFWs.(Opinion &Amp; Editorial)

Article excerpt

FILIPINOS overseas have arrived at a new vibrant stage of development. There is a lot of activity among groups to see what they can contribute to develop their country of origin. Next week the group of Tonnette Binsol will be coming to Davao from Japan and other areas to look at the investment potential of mariculture projects in Samal, micro finance and other projects.

This is a long way from the Filipino plantation workers of the first part of the twentieth century in Hawaii and California. These are now Filipinos overseas in organized groups coming to look at potential investments which would at the same time help the Philippine countryside. With the wonders of electronic communications there have been an avalanche of ideas and volunteer organizations who want to chip in with contributions big and small and to organize mutually beneficial arrangements. There are many groups and to mention just a few might even be unfair to the others. But they would not really mind provided their objectives to doing something for the old country is promoted. Tonnette Binsol in Japan and her websites, Ding Bagasao and his ERCOF in Switzerland, Leila RispensNoel and Cora Dee in the Netherlands, Dennis Yaun in Belgium and Luxumberg, are some of the promoters in Europe. But there are others in the Middle East, Canada and Australia and of course the bigger and older Filipino communities in the US.

In the nineteen tens and nineteen twenties many young men especially from the Ilocos migrated to the US since there were no migration limitations at the time. Some who could not pay for their passage on the long month long crossing of the Pacific Ocean were able to stowaway. Some of the more prominent figures were Moncado who organized Filipino labor groups and made himself a fortune and Isabelo de los Reyes Jr. …