Daily Hassles Affect More Women Than Men. (Human Behavior)

Article excerpt

Women are more likely than men to feel they've been affected by a number of day-to-day concerns, according to Harris Interactive. Nearly three quarters (73%) of women (compared with 64% of men) say rising prices have affected them in past month. Money issues appear to hit women harder than men in general: 57% of women are worried about having enough money for emergencies, compared with 45% of men who worry about this. And 37% of women and 33% of men are concerned about having enough money for basic necessities.

It's no secret that women feel overscheduled. Given that two thirds of women (67%) are affected by having too many things to do, it isn't surprising that 41% of women have trouble relaxing. By comparison, 56% of men have too many things to do and 32% have trouble relaxing.

Similar proportions of women and men are affected by problems with their aging parents (22% of women and 24% of men) or problems at work/with bosses or coworkers (21% of women and 19% of men). …