Corrections and Observations about Pedophilia

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As faculty adviser to the Regent University Law Review, I write to correct a misimpression left by Richard J. Rosendall of the Gay & Lesbian Activists Alliance of Washington ("Homosexuals pooh-pooh pedophilia," Letters, Wednesday).

In characterizing certain articles published in our journal, Mr. Rosendall implied that our journal published them only after they had been rejected by "peer-reviewed" journals. In fact, the journal that rejected the articles in question was the student-edited Stanford Law and Policy Review. (Student-edited journals, rather than peer-reviewed journals, are the norm in the law-review world.)

The Stanford journal had at first undertaken to publish multiple viewpoints in a homosexual-rights symposium. However, it ended up publishing no articles that would have given Mr. Rosendall a moment's unease. (Please see 12 Stan.L.Pol.Rev. 1, 2001.) It thus fell to our review to restore the balance. (See 14 Regent Univ.L.Rev. vol. 2, 2002.)


Associate professor

Regent University School of Law

Virginia Beach


It is perhaps not surprising that homosexual activists such as Andrew Sullivan ("The Weekly Dish," Op-Ed, Dec. 20) and Richard J. Rosendall ("Homosexuals pooh-pooh pedophilia," Letters, Wednesday) would attempt to deflect attention away from the disturbing connection between homosexuality and the sexual abuse of children. It is, however, simply false to claim that there is no evidence of this connection in scientific, peer-reviewed journals. The following facts are thoroughly documented from such sources in the report published by the Family Research Council, titled "Homosexuality and Child Sexual Abuse":

* Pedophiles are invariably males. The American Professional Society on the Abuse of Children reports: "In both clinical and non clinical samples, the vast majority of offenders are male. …