University of the Philippines College of Law 92nd Anniversary

Article excerpt

SINCE its establishment on January 12, 1911, the University of the Philippines (UP) College of Law has been known as the premier law school in the Philippines. It has produced law graduates who turned out to be not only great lawyers but also great leaders, blazing new trails in almost all fields.

What made the UP College of Law a distinguished institution in not only its graduates - who have figured prominently in all aspects of our country's history - but also its commitment and dedication to promote the study of law and advance legal education in the country. Through its Law Center's continuing legal education program, the UP College of Law has sustained efforts upgrading the pursuit and practice of law besides keeping our public officials and people sensitive and responsive to the needs and demands of our ever-changing society.

In many ways, modern Philippine history is the history of the UP College of Law and its graduates. During the American era, they were at the forefront of the peaceful struggle to regain Philippine self-rule which the US Congress heeded in 1946. In World War II, they were leaders of many resistance movements against the foreign invaders. …