Program Checks on Older Residents in Times of Extreme Weather

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Byline: Matt Arado

The dog days of winter are here, but older or frail residents need not worry about being trapped by snow, ice or cold.

The village's human services department offers a program that contacts residents in the event of extreme weather conditions or a widespread power outage to make sure they're OK.

The Call Check program serves elderly or frail residents who live alone and do not have family members who can check up on them. During times of extreme weather, such as bitter cold in the winter or heat indexes of more than 105 degrees in the summer, a Mount Prospect staff member will call participants in the program to see if they need any assistance or services. If a resident needs professional services, the village staff member will refer that resident to the appropriate agency.

While we're on the subject of help programs, the department also offers something called Life Line. In this program, residents fill out forms that list all their vital personal information, including medical history, doctor's name and medications, and then place these forms in special red envelopes in a conspicuous spot inside their homes. If paramedics have to respond to the home for any reason, they know to look for the envelopes. The information included on the Life Line forms can be immeasurably helpful to emergency personnel.

For details about the Call Check and Life Line programs, call the human services department at (847) 635-0426.

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