Officials Engage in Mastering Power, Politics and Influence. (Leadership Training Institute)

Article excerpt

Power, politics and influence are three realities within organizations, communities, businesses, industries and government. These were the words of Dr. Eddie A. Holloway as he addressed officials at the Leadership Training Institute seminar held during the Congress of Cities in Salt Lake City. Holloway currently serves as dean of students and assistant professor of psychology at the University of Southern Mississippi and was a former council member of Hattiesburg, Miss.

The focal points of this training seminar afforded participants the opportunity to explore the dynamics of power, politics and influence; analyze various styles of leadership; and provide structure, open exchanges and collaboration around efficient current practices.

Holloway engaged the assembly via lecturettes, group discussions and independent work. Popular exercises included having the group write their views of the attributes of a leader and presenting descriptions of groups, both business and social, to which they belong and how power and politics influences the roles that they play.

Members learned that power could be obtained through position, knowledge, and association with influential persons. Persons can also gain personal power because of their individual qualities or characteristics. Charisma--i.e., charm, wit and other amiable personality traits--is one of the most desirable qualities of a leader. …