Bushell on the Box: It's a Crying Shane to Waste Enders' Alfie

Article excerpt

Byline: Garry Bushell

NOW Alfie Moon is back in the Vic, could you do us a favour, Peggy?

Could you buy him a new shirt? And maybe ask the writers to think his character through a bit?

Shane Richie is absolutely the best thing in EastEnders right now. The guy is gold dust, yet they're wasting his potential.

Consider the evidence. Alfie is supposed to be a fast-talking Jack the lad, BUT:

-He arrived last November, fresh from a three-year stretch in chokey, and hasn't even tried to pull. Why? It's wall-to-wall slappers in Walford (and that's just the Slater sisters). How much bromide did they put in his tea?

-That business with the bent ex-cop made no sense. Streetwise Alfie would know the only crimes the Mitchells deem out of order are grassing and kiddie-fiddling. He'd have taped Dougie and shopped him for blackmail.

-And if Alfie is such a cheeky chappie conman wouldn't he have talked himself and his unlikely family into a suite at the Dorchester, not a ropey Kings Cross doss-house? Alfie Moon could be Albert Square's salvation, but give him some big believable funny storylines - preferably written by Tony Jordan, cos I wouldn't give you tuppence for the other writers. …