Evil Spanish Kill off Irish Greyhounds

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GREYHOUND owners have been urged to help smash the sick practice which could be leaving Irish dogs hanging from Spanish trees.

The call comes just days after a dog was found strung up.

It had suffered a horrible fate at the hands of twisted Spanish 'sportsmen' who torture and kill the dogs they use for hare-coursing.

The latest find, just last week, proves once again that Irish racing dogs are at risk of extreme cruelty in a country where animal welfare laws lag behind in the dark ages.

Many of the animals are hanged following the end of the hare-coursing season at the start of each year.

A World Society for the Protection of Animals investigator recently discovered the male animal, thought to have been less than a year old, in a pine forest just outside Medina del Campo, a town in Spain's Castilla Y Leon region famed for its hare-coursing.

It's thought that it was hanged within the last three weeks.

Deemed not worth wasting a bullet on, greyhounds - or 'galgos', as they're called in Spain - which have outlived their usefulness or have not raced to their owner's liking are killed in a variety of brutal ways.

Those that have raced badly are typically hung low in a slow death known as 'the secretary' due to the frantic scrabbling of their legs in a vain attempt to touch the ground, which is said to sound like a secretary typing. …