Crack Ulster Cop Unit to Shut Down

Article excerpt


AN elite cop unit which helped smash dozens of paramilitary rackets is to be shut down, we can reveal.

The crack team, nick-named 'The Blacks', is just the latest victim in a series of stinging cutbacks to hit the cash-strapped PSNI.

The covert group is made up of some 30 officers - and they've had a top notch record of success since the unit was set up a decade ago.

Officially known as 'Black Section', the team has been behind raids at Nutt's Corner and a series of other counterfeit stings.

The news comes amid PSNI operative plans to move north Belfast police headquarters from its Antrim Road base to Tennant Street in the Shankill area.

One long-serving officer who has worked closely with The Blacks told us: "They call it restructuring, but everyone knows the truth.

"It grew in size because it was doing the job right and hitting the right people.

"Now they're cutting it back and basically dumping it because of the bills. …