FOOTBALL: Leggoland: Wyness Must Not Get Too Cosy at Pittodrie

Article excerpt

Byline: David Leggat

THE most depressing sight last week was the image of reporters with tape-recorders and broadcasters with microphones, all shoved into the face of Keith Wyness.

That's right, Keith Wyness, Johnny-come- lately chief executive of the once sane and sensible Aberdeen Football Club.

Like some sporting version of Neville Chamberlain, Wyness appeared to be presenting himself as the man who had saved Scottish football.

He just stopped short of waving a piece of paper and muttering something about peace in our time.

But the fact that the row between the SPL's Rebel Ten and the Old Firm is now over appears to be more to do with the rational approach of folk such as Partick Thistle vice- chairman Brown McMaster than any contribution made by Wyness. The latest in a long line of front men - some may say fall guys - appointed by Pittodrie majority shareholder and chairman Stewart Milne, Wyness should pay more attention to history. …