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A special section on environment education opportunities

The first half of the 21st century will be a critical era in the evolution of environmental careers. It has been the task of the past thirty years to raise environmental awareness, control and reverse unregulated pollution, and create public and private organizations dedicated to conservation and environmental protection. The work has been difficult and expensive, but the current generation has made remarkable progress. In fact, it has been nothing short of a revolution.

In many ways, however, the next generation of environmental professionals faces challenges that are infinitely more difficult than those that have confronted the current one. The task at hand today is not only to control pollution, but to prevent it; to not only slow the rate of habitat and soil loss, but to reverse it; and to not only regulate unsustainable activity, but to create a sustainable way of life on a crowded planet.

Where will the human race find solutions to its environmental problems? We must find them everywhere, and at the same time. …