Mixing Religion and Politics. (Reflections on Tolerance)

Article excerpt

THE BATTLE OVER ROE V. Wade and its coming thirty-year anniversary are causes for celebration--and not just in the United States. The rights women gained in the US have impacted the entire free world.

It is good to celebrate the victories of the past, now we must be alarmed and armed over the battle for women's rights for the next thirty years.

Those who want to discredit mixing religion and politics--believing that religion should be above politics and that the sanctuary is too sacred a place for the grit and grime of political battle should begin to rethink their position. To believe that religion is above politics is to favor the status quo--itself a very political decision.

George Bush has condemned untold numbers of women and children to death. This is not hyperbole. I am no bleeding heart liberal being overly concerned. This is politics and religion. If religious leaders remain silent and indifferent, thousands will die.

Religious people of all persuasions quote the ancient prophets. Prophecy is the voice of God given to those suffering, those in agony, and those in poverty. Prophecy challenges the profane rules of the world. God is raging in the prophet's words.

We are the heirs of these prophets. We hold their words sacred. So why are we not enraged by George Bush and his administration? The mid-term elections were a disaster for women. …