Teacher's Award-Winning Web Quests Impart a World of Knowledge: Grades 6-7. (Social Studious)

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After only five years leading a 6th-grade social studies class at Maryland's Ellicott Mills Middle School, David Rosenstein recently earned Middle School Educator of the Year honors from the state's Council of Social Studies. He earned the award in part for the excellent Web quests he's designed for students, the Baltimore Sun reports. The interactive history and geography projects are available at

http://staff.howard.k12.md.us:16080/~msssta/dr osenstein/. To access them, click on "projects" and "class links."

"There are a couple of strands that I try to weave throughout the year," Rosenstein says. "I think the really big one is to try to focus on the cultural similarities while being aware of the differences. I really try to impart that we're all humans."

Here's a sample of one project tied into a unit on world cultures.

Culture Bags

Your task is to assemble a bag of artifacts that represent your culture. What is your culture? Think about what we have discussed in class during this past unit and you as a student, a member of your family, and a member of your community (school, city, state, country).

1. Find 15 items. One for each of the following aspects of culture plus three of your choice: Belief system, language, government, occupation (job), clothing, diet, housing, traditions, entertainment, education, community, economics (money). …