BOOK REVIEWS: Learning How to Love and Love Life; Love Lives by Josie Lloyd and Emlyn Rees. Published (Paperback) by Heinemann. Pounds 9.99

Article excerpt

THE latest offering from bestselling husband and wife team Lloyd and Rees, Love Lives is the perfect read for Valentine's Day - whether you had a card or not.

Written from the point of view of four very different characters, the novel is set in the tiny seaside town Shoresby, and nearby Lost Soul's Point - the touristy name for the highest part of the surrounding cliffs and named for a famous suicide.

The story brings together Ellen, shooting a documentary about the area's history, and architect Ned. Ned is fixing up Appleforth House, which was burnt to the ground by Alexander Walpole, who killed himself after his daughter jumped to her death.

As Ellen delves deeper into the story of the girl who died after being betrayed by her lover, she finds herself examining her own, apparently perfect, relationship.

And Ned is devoting all his time to his daughter, determined never to chance romance again after his own wife's tragic death. …