Mobile Arts Expands US Presence

Article excerpt

Byline: edu h. lopez

Mobile Arts, Inc., a leading provider of wireless messaging and services for telcos and corporate customers, has expanded its business in the US and partnered with Narus, a leading provider of convergent operational support system (OSS).

It has formed up an affiliate company, Mobile Arts International, LLC based in Arcadia, California led by Tony Razon as the president.

Ramon G. Duremdes, Jr., president and chief executive officer of Mobile Arts said that the setting up an office in California would enable the company to penetrate the US market.

The partnership with Narus would allow Mobile Arts to provide local service providers like Globe Telecom and Smart Communications to offer new IP (Internet Protocol-based services quickly such as MP3 downloads, video clips or mobile commerce, said Duremdes.

Narus is an enabler for telecom operators to rollout new services and we had initiated talks with them. The telcos had recognized the need to enhance their offerings through a convergent OSS, he said.

Narus software products would enable telecom providers to constantly monitor customer usage, analyze use patterns and preferences and immediately develop standalone and bundled services.

Narus technology is a leader in tier one convergent OSS mediation and would bridge the gap between service and billing in the local wireless mobility market. This would increase profitability and generate more accurate billing for telcos, said Duremdes.

OSS and mediation refer tot he collection and analysis of large volumes of information and presenting it in a form that is easily understood and actionable.

Service providers can support a wider range of service packages and options as well as accurately bill for services, enforce usage policies, detect and respond to fraud.

Tim Hall, senior director for worldwide channel sales, has cited a study of iGillot Research that without mediation, mobile operators would incur huge initial costs, limit their flexibility and target markets. …