DOC'S PLEA FOR VITAL RESEARCH; Stolen Lap-Top Contains Six Years' Medical Work

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A DOCTOR fears six years of vital research may be lost forever after a break-in at her home.

The research was on a lap-top computer stolen in the raid at the Prenton house of Dr Wafaa Wasef.

The burglars got in by forcing the back door after crossing the property's secluded back garden. The raid happened some time between 12.304.30pm on Wednesday.

Dr Wasef, 47, from Egypt, has lived in England since 1995 and in Wirral since 2001.

She specialises in the treatment of genito-urinary disorders and the research concerned sexually transmitted diseases.

She said: ``This research was valuable only to me. There was no confidential information in it, just my studies and my presentations.

``Everything I have worked at since coming to this country was on it.''

As well as the Sony Vario lap-top and its black case, distinctive Egyptian jewellery, a DVD player and a brown vanity box containing personal papers and keys to her flat in Egypt, were also taken. …