Parents' Guide to Safety on the Internet

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The Real Dangers: 8 Potential

CONTACT - from someone online who may intend harm to your children. Children must relearn the stranger-danger rule in a new context and never give out personal details or meet alone anyone they have met on the internet 8 Inappropriate

CONTENT - monitor the material your children are looking at and agree ground rules. 8 Excessive COMMERCIALISM and advertising which CHILDNET International says it is essential that parents keep up to date with internet terms and technology in order to protect their children.

invades your child's privacy. Encourage your children not to fill out internet forms which ask for lots of personaldetails. 8 What about filters? Filtering software can help to block a lot of inappropriate material, says Childnet. But they are not 100pc effective and are not a substitute for good parental control. Many children use the Net at friend's homes, internet cafes, libraries and youth clubs where there may be no filters. That is why it is important to educate your child about how to behave online.

8 Keep the computer in a family room, not tucked away in a bedroom.

Q CHILDNET International started their website in response to a request from parents of a 13-year-old girl who was sexually abused by an adult man who she met through the internet. She had logged on to a teenage chat room to communicate with her peers but so had her 33-year-old attacker, on the lookout for likely prey. …