A Fast-Food Case for Tort Reform

Article excerpt


As Steve Chapman notes in "A fast-track for fast-food lawsuits?" (Commentary, Sunday), yet another argument for tort reform has appeared - in the form of lawsuits against fast-food restaurant chains for the crime of assault with a deadly cheeseburger and judges who entertain such nonsense. Now put down those fries and back away - slowly.

First it was Big Tobacco, purportedly seducing adults who can't read the warnings on each pack of cigarettes. Now it is "big fat," with Ronald McDonald forcing people of all ages to consume bacon double cheeseburgers until their arteries explode. Isn't anyone responsible for his own actions anymore?

Just as smokers sued tobacco companies, despite 40 years of warning labels, lawyers ask us to believe people are too stupid to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy activities. They want us to believe we are brain-dead robots forced to walk into a fast-food joint and order so-called junk food, and when our health consequently is harmed, we need to be saved by greedy lawyers. These lawyers are liberals obsessed with the idea that somebody, somewhere, might actually be enjoying himself. …