This Convicted Sex Fiend Will Be out of Jail Again Soon. and Free to Walk the Streets of Ireland; WOMEN TOLD TO STUDY HIS PHOTOGRAPH

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ONE of Britain's most notorious sex attackers is due to be released from an Irish prison within the coming months.

And 20-stone brute John Cronin will be able to roam freely around the country - because his name won't even be placed on our sexual offenders register.

Cronin, 30, from Scotland, has been described as a time-bomb primed to explode - and is thought to be one of the most dangerous sexual predators ever to enter this country.

But as he has no convictions in Ireland for sex crimes, he will be able to walk free from jail and settle down wherever he wishes - apparently a respectable man.

Women are today advised to take a good look at the man in this picture - because he is a master at winning confidence and trust while pretending to be a priest or businessman.

Senior gardai who have examined his past say he may offer financial advice from a bar stool or charm you with his baby-faced innocence - but underneath lies a man who is a danger to every woman in Ireland.

A senior officer said: ''He is an extreme danger to women.

''He is obviously very sick and depraved and his behaviour has become more and more concerning over the years.

''He will not be placed on the sex offender register here as he has no convictions for sex crimes in this jurisdiction. Ireland is a safe haven for him from where he cannot be tracked.''

Cronin is due to complete his two-year sentence for a bizarre raid on a Waterford Bank within months and will then walk free from Cork Prison.

He had pleaded guilty to robbing a TSB bank in Waterford with an imitation weapon and using a taxi to make his escape.

He has been on his best behaviour during his time in jail and a prison source has confirmed that he will be freed within the next three months. …