An Indie Mag Called Moist

Article excerpt


Coming up with an alternative indiemagazine called Moist surely raised eyebrows. Why Moist? People asked. Moist in Tagalog is basa while another definition is to read.

The whet your mind mantra of Moist clearly defines the reason why it is now in the market: to serve as a good-read to readers who want to whet their minds with words. And the word whet clearly sounds like wet.

When we say that Moist is the alternative, it is a magazine geared for the youth who want to spend their 75 bucks on a good-read rather than looking (or drooling) over nobrainer magazines with visual images produced by good photography or flashy layouts. The word alternative connotes so many things: unconforming, uncompromising, bold, issue-driven, different, etc, etc. Because of this, the magazine is not made for the masa but only for a select few.

Moist is a special product designed for a specific segment of youth the reader who devours the written word like oxygen, the reader who likes to challenge him/herself by deconstructing an article, the reader who likes to spot a spelling/ grammar error or a reader who spends his/her time in a coffee shop discovering gay undertones in a short story or poem. Moist is for this eclectic group of people, because in this country, glossies targetting the youth offer little (or sometimes, no) substance at all.

The maiden issue of Moist released early this month drew varied reactions from the public. An e-mail sent by Presea said: I think Moist is THE magazine that Im looking for. In this market congested with fashion and nononsense magazines, Im really glad that you came up with an intelligent content that discusses issues and dabbles on literature.

From Sandra: I never thought that an alternative magazine would finally invade the mag stands. Another comment from a reader, Louell: I just acquired a copy of Moist and though I may not be the best person to discuss the mertis of a great magazine, but hey, the artwork was superb. Even the articles are eyeopeners.

Clearly, the maiden issue proves that there are people waiting for Moist. There are so many things to come (and look out for) in the future issues of Moist. In the coming weeks the 2nd issue, which deals on the sensitive subject of pornography and censorship, will come out in the market. The third issue will be an alternative view on the real divas. The 4th one is a futuristic issue while the 5th issue will be a text only issue, Moists tribute to the magic of words which majority of the youth (and the old ones) have forgotten. …