Fun Days Out: Something to Scream About

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THE Dungeons are not for the faint hearted! A unique combination of real history, horror and humour bring gruesome historic events back to life and set nerves jangling.

Each offers a glimpse of history's horrible bits, combining live actors, rides, shows and special effects to transport you back to those darker times. Visit if you dare!

The London Dungeon

From Easter, catch the new feature - The Great Plague. It is 1665 and a terrible disease has spread throughout Europe - have you escaped infection? The plague doctor will see you now for a heart-stopping consultation.

The Dungeon journey continues to an 18th Century courtroom where you stand accused. Innocent or guilty, the judge will condemn you to one final boat journey down the Thames, through Traitor's Gate to meet your fate.

Follow in the bloody footsteps of Jack the Ripper -1888 was not a year to be lurking in the streets of Whitechapel after dark. Or take a trip back to the 17th century straight into a fearsome inferno in the `Great Fire of London' where your only escape is to run the perilous 'Gauntlet of Flames'. But keep your wits about you as the exhibits have a nasty habit of coming back to life!

And if that's not enough, try out the Torture Chamber. The torture instruments on display will render you speechless.

The York Dungeon

Beware - you will stand trial accused of witchcraft in the Witch Trials. In the 16th Century thousands of supposed witches were condemned and executed on minimal evidence. Participate in the witch trials and you may become the latest victim.

Confront Vikings and follow the true story of these bloodthirsty invaders and the horror they unleashed on the citizens of York in Gorvik: The Real Viking Story and (from May 2003) rendezvous with some of the most devious and dangerous women from history in 'Wicked Women'.

Take a tour round the plague-ravaged streets of 14th century York in the company of our grisly guides. Or follow Dick Turpin on his fateful journey to the gallows as he vividly recounts tales of his legendary adventures.

The Edinburgh Dungeon

From Easter you will be invited to swear allegiance and enter into battle with one of the great Scottish clans in `Clan Wars'. …