Recent Film and Video Sources. (Publications Update)

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As recently as a few years ago, audiovisual materials were considered a rather exotic reference source and seldom appeared in scholarly research papers. Now, all of that has changed; non-print items have gone mainstream and are frequently quoted in all sorts of publications, and an entirely new set of rules has been developed for their correct citation.

The list below provides, first of all, some of the major "gateways" for locating audiovisual materials on Latin America and the Caribbean, including video recordings, sound recordings and films. Most of these are accessible on-line at the URLs provided.

The second section provides a recent listing of "general" resources; that is, those dealing with more than one country or the region as a whole. The final section suggests specific country titles.


Area Studies: Latin America, Mexico and the Caribbean [Electronic resource]: An Annotated Videography of Holdings in the Media Resources Center, University of California, Berkeley. Compiled by Gary Handman. Berkeley: [s.n.], 2002. (Mode of access: Internet via the World Wide Web.)

Bibliography of Latin American, Hispanic-American and Caribbean Videos: A Guide to Current Sources in the University of Illinois Undergraduate Library Media Center as of June 30, 2000. Compiled by Nelly S. Gonzalez. [Urbana]: Latin American Library Services Unit, 2000. 119 leaves.

Cinema and Video (LANIC). Comprehensive resource listing extensive country information. cinema/

Film History Index: Lat n America. Part of the World Wide Web Virtual Library providing a wide variety of research materials on film organized into a "general" category and a listing by country. Included are reference sources, main gateways, e-teaching items, journals and bibliographies, LIB/SISSCO/VL/hist-film/ latin-america.html

Latin American Cinema Home Page. Compiled by Gayle Williams at the University of Georgia Libraries. Provides links to a variety of web sites on Latin American cinema and video. Coverage includes US Latino cinema, humaniti/ltamcine.html

Latin American Films and Videorecordings at the University of Pittsburgh. Compiled by Michael Eitner [et al.]. Pittsburgh: [s.n.], 2002. 1 vol. (unpaged]. Also available on-line in PDF format. subjectguides/latinamerican/films.pdf

Latin American Video Archives (LAVA). "The place to locate and purchase Latin American and U.S. Latino-made Film and Video." Features new feature films and videos, including documentaries listed by country and/or by subject.

Resources for Locating and Evaluating Latin American Videos. Compiled at Cornell University, this thorough overview of available resources includes monographs, serials, websites, associations, databases, etc. http://www.library. Videos.htm


The Americas in the 21st Century. [Video recording.] Charles Krause. Princeton, N.J.: Films for the Humanities & Sciences, 2002. Focuses on the economic future of the Western Hemisphere and the benefits of a free trade zone for its 800 million people.

Caribbean. [Video recording.] Annabelle Hester, Mike Rowe. Wheeling, Ill.: Film Ideas, 2002.

Conquest of the Americas. [Video recording.] Marshall C. Eakin. Chantilly, Va.: Teaching Company, 2002.

The Mayans. [Video recording.] Ruth Wood, Bob Carruthers. Princeton, N.J.: Films for the Humanities, 2002.

Migrant Workers. [Video recording.] Paul S. Goodman [et al.]. Grenshaw, Penn.: P. S. Goodman, 2002. Profiles four migrant workers (from Haiti, El Salvador, Mexico and the Virgin Islands) talking about their work, families and future.

Perfiles: los rostros de America Latina hoy. [Video recording.] Eliseo Alvarez. Films for the Humanities, 2002.

The Pilot Guide to the Eastern Caribbean. …