New Trips Just Added for 2003-2004. (Sierra Club Outings)

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Introducing 14 new journeys to satisfy your appetite for adventure! Plus over 350 other great trips to choose from. Check out our website or call for more details.


Mountains, Lochs, and Glens: The West Highland Way, Scotland. September 17-27, 2003. In nine days, going from Glasgow to Fort Williams, we'll walk the entire 95 miles of Scotland's first--and certainly most famous--long-distance footpath, the West Highland Way. We'll venture along the shore of picturesque Loch Lomond, through beautiful lowland hill country, and into the Central Highlands. Each night we'll stay in a small hotel where our luggage will be delivered to us. On our last day, we'll visit the Isle of Skye. This is a moderate-to-strenuous walk that's suitable for experienced hikers. Leader: Aurora Roberts. Price. $1,945. [03710B]

Treasures, Tigers, and the Taj Mahal, India. February 8-24, 2004. Our cultural and wildlife odyssey will take us by rail and van to four incredible national parks where we'll have excellent chances of seeing wild tigers, superb birds, and maybe all of the big game animals of the Indian subcontinent! We'll let this ancient land weave its magic with the earthiness of Khajuraho, the sublime magnificence of the Taj Mahal, and the mysteries of lost temples reclaimed by the forest and taken over by big cats. Accommodations in hotels and nature lodges. Leader: John O'Donnell. Price: $3,895 (12-15)/$4,395 (11 or fewer). [04525A]

Birding, Trekking, and Sea Kayaking: An Adventure in Bangkok and Southern Thailand. February 11-24, 2004. Join us in one of Southeast Asia's most alluring countries to experience ancient culture and natural beauty in one exciting trip. We'll tour Bangkok's temples, canals and palaces; enjoy spectacular birding opportunities at Thale Noi Water Bird Sanctuary; paddle the coast of Tarutao Island Marine National Park in the Andaman Sea; and trek in the tropical forests of Khao Sok National Park. We'll explore various ecosystems, with chances to learn about the ecological issues facing this stunning area. Leader: Cy Englert. Price: $3,495 (10-12)/$3,995 (9 or fewer). [04530A]

Afoot and Afloat in Greece: Exploring the Dodecanese Islands. May 15-29, 2004. Our adventure begins in Mandrake Harbor where the Colossus of Rhodes once stood. Ferries then carry us to Nissyros, with its unique volcano; to Tilos, once the home of midget elephants; and to Symi, the only island in the Dodecanese to retain substantial portions of its ancient pine and cypress forests. We'll walk these islands from seashore to mountaintop, all the while intoxicated with the aroma of blooming oregano and thyme. Small hotels and tavernas provide rest and replenishment. Leaders: Emily Benner and David Stewart. Price: $2,645 (10-13)/$2,995 (9 or fewer). [04560A]

Provence d'Azur: Coastal Southern France. May 24-31, 2004. Treat yourself to the pleasures of azure Provence: the island national park of Port-Cros (resplendent maritime jewel of the Mediterranean!), the small coastal hill towns, and the gastronomic delights of Provencal wines and robust dishes. Our leisurely trip visits various sites--gardens, a Cistercian abbey, a turtle sanctuary--all enrobed in spring colors and scents. We'll stay in one location as we embark on daily excursions in this multifaceted region of France. Leader: Lynne Simpson. Price: $1,995 (10-12)/$2,495 (9 or fewer). [04540A]

Bali: The Island of the Gods, Indonesia. May 24-June 5, 2004. Our exotic journey brings us closer to the culture, heritage, and wild places of Bali, focusing on those special locations that are off the beaten path. Enjoy magnificent tropical scenery, guided walks, exciting river rafting, cultural workshops, and the friendly Balinese as we explore the more traditional regions of the island. We'll also embark on a special journey to the nearby Borobudur Temple on Java, which is truly one of the great wonders of the ancient world. …