New Abortion Bills Deserve Careful Consideration

Article excerpt

Byline: Gayle Atteberry For The Register-Guard

The Register Guard's Feb. 22 editorial disparaging the Oregon Legislature for conducting hearings on abortion bills rather than concentrating solely on the budget and the Public Employees Retirement System ignores what the editors should know of the legislative process. The Legislature is, and always has been, designed to deal with more than one issue at a time. Thus, while the budget committee deals with the budget, concurrent committees are dealing with transportation issues, natural resource issues, crime and legal issues, etc.

The Rules Committee just concluded hearing a series of bills that would put some limits on Oregon's abortion-on-demand policy.

Pro-life legislators are forwarding reasonable bills that are supported by the majority of Oregonians. Experts in law and medicine testified why these bills are beneficial, while personal testimonies revealed the real-life pain that abortion on demand brings to many Oregon women.

Among those testifying was a 17-year-old who obtained an abortion at age 15. She detailed her experience, which included inadequate information and impersonal care, described best as "abortion by the numbers." After experiencing the worst horror of her life, this 17-year-old is now an outspoken proponent of parental notification requirements.

Testimony from other post-abortive women told of clinic personnel who "sold" them on abortion and promised them a "quick, easy" abortion. Instead, they entered into a lifetime of grief, regret and sorrow. …