Arresting the Rise in Child Exploitation Cases

Article excerpt

SEXUAL exploitation is reportedly on the rise and this is even pronounced when you bring in the numbers that account for victims of child exploitation especially of pedophilia.

Studies and newspaper reports have again called our attention to this alarming increase that threatens, in no small measure, the moral foundations of our nation.

The Philippines ranks 4th among countries with the highest number of children in the prostitution trade. In a study published in 1997, close to 100,000 children were actively involved in the trade. What is disheartening, however, is the finding that these young and innocent victims were introduced to prostitution either by their own relatives or friends.

Children are driven to prostitution by poverty, and our country has unwittingly been transformed into a "playground" for pedophiles coming from Europe, Australia and the United States.

We have also come across medical studies that child prostitutes suffer from damaged psyche despite rehabilitation and this stigma stays with the child for practically the rest of his life.

The pedophiles who come to this country often use their influence and money to stay away from being charged. …