Media Wales: Viewing Habits and Preferences

Article excerpt

BBC1 overtook ITV1 as the channel that most viewers would want if they could have only one channel. BBC1 was also judged to be the most-watched channel by 34% of respondents, compared with 30% for ITV1, and 6% for Channel 4 and BBC2.

Viewers with digital television were positive about the benefits of interactive services in theory, but usage fell slightly, with 15% saying they used such services at least once a week, compared with 19% in 2001.

Those saying they never used such services rose from 62% to 66%.

Interest in acquiring multichannel television remained steady at 27%.

# Regulation Most respondents (74%) think the main aim of programme content regulation is to protect children and young people; a further 23% believe it is for the protection of all viewers. The majority (55%) thinks there is about the right amount of regulation on ITV1, Channel 4 and Five, while 65% thought that the BBC was regulated sufficiently.

# Sources of news When asked which source of news was most trusted (newspapers, radio, television), 70% named television, almost the same number as had named television as their main source of UK news.

Television was also the dominant medium for giving information about world news, with 79% citing it in 2002, compared with 66% in 2001 - an increase which may be due, in part, to the events of September 11, 2001.

# Quality and standards Viewers continue to be concerned about quality and standards in general on television, with 47% of respondents thinking that programmes had got worse.

There was also unprompted concern about issues such as offensive language, violence and sex. …