How Bianca Jagger (Yes, the Same) Became the New Mother Teresa. (Columns)

Article excerpt

The photos from the anti-war march in Hyde Park show a smattering of OAPs, a swathe of Middle England and a cluster of celebs. The most intriguing of all was one of a glamorous dark beauty -- a familiar face above a caption that read: "Human rights campaigner Bianca Jagger". Human rights campaigner? Wasn't this the Nicaraguan firecracker who married Mick, was BFs with Andy Warhol and famously rode a white stallion into Studio 54? The very same. But a few decades on, Bianca Jagger is no longer synonymous with Mustique, Ibiza and jet-setting glamour but with Unicef, Amnesty and the Red Cross.

While other ex-rock chicks take their kit off in the West End, Bianca flies from war zones (Bosnia) to Aids zones (India), speaking out against genocide and child prostitution along the way. While other former models launch their own lingerie range, Bianca launches passionate attacks against Bush's record on capital punishment and America's record in the third world.

Slowly, over years of regular appearances on the podium and under the activist's banner, Bianca has transformed herself into one of the biggest human rights names out there. …