Pounds 300 for a Tea Set from Vladimir Putin, Pounds 267 for Two Tennis Rackets, Pounds 300 for a Ring Given by 'An Admirer' and Pounds 168 for a Wooden Screen; THE OFFICIAL GIFTS BLAIR PAID TO KEEP

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TONY Blair has unveiled an Aladdin's cave of exotic treasures presented as gifts and stashed away at No 10.

The PM published a list of 91 presents - from guitars and watches to necklaces and a dressing gown, worth more than pounds 140 - he has received since May 2001.

Mr Blair's haul includes a guitar from rock star Bryan Adams, a nativity set from Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat, half cases of fine wine and cognac from French President Jacques Chirac and two daggers from the Sultan of Oman.

He also received 14 watches - including 12 from the Italian government.

Of the gifts Mr Blair paid to keep, he forked out pounds 175 for a picture frame given by designer Giancarlo Cerutti and pounds 300 for a 12-piece tea set from Russian President Vladimir Putin. The tennis-mad PM also paid pounds 267 for two rackets, pounds 250 for an Italian clock, pounds 375 for a Chinese painting and pounds 300 for a ring given by a member of the public.

He also bought a wooden screen given by President Pervez Musharraf of Pakistan for pounds 168, a dinner service from the Bangladeshi government for pounds 177 and a set of menu holders from the Philippines for pounds 375. …