SOAP BAD BOY HURT IN RAMMY; River City Star Was `Covered in Blood'

Article excerpt


RIVER City bad boy Riz Abbasi landed in hospital covered in blood after a drunken bust-up.

The actor, Nazir Malik in the soap, turned up with a gash on his forehead.

Onlookers said he was furious as he waited for treatment shortly after 1am at Glasgow's Western Infirmary.

A source said: "He had a very bad wound which looked like he had probably been hit with a bottle. He was covered in blood.

"He had clearly been drinking and was agitated, shouting and kicking doors. He was hysterical."

Soap bosses sent Abassi home from the show's set in Dumbarton yesterday after he arrived for filming looking battered and bruised.

An insider said: "He looked like the elephant man, with his face and forehead all badly swollen.

"There was no way he was in a fit state to film and the production team just told him to go home.

"He had obviously been involved in a fight. Riz can't seem to keep out of trouble at the moment."

Just last month, scar-faced Abassi - younger brother of BBC Radio Scotland presenter Ali Abbasi - spent the night in police cells after a drunken restaurant row.

He also has convictions for theft, drink-driving and assault. …