'Private Conversations with Boy Abunda' Celebrates 3rd Anniversary

Article excerpt

Private Conversations with Boy Abunda, the No. 1 celebrity talk show on ANC, celebrates its 3rd anniversary with a series of episodes featuring some of the most talked about people in the country today.

Private Conversations with Boy Abunda was launched three years ago with New Age guru Deepak Chopra on its pilot episode. Following Deepak, more inebriating and exciting interviews showcased individuals who have made a lasting impact on society. These episodes also became not-so-private confessions, heart-rending revelation or moment to just let ones hair down.

Fr. Cirilio Nacorda was tough when he announced that ransom was paid for the release of the Dos Palmas hostages. Senator Joke Arroyo intimated that he gets his haircut at a Pasay Road barbershop. Inno Sotto admitted his use of horse manes shampoo for his luscious hair. And Peque Gallaga revealed that if his sex organ could only talk it would say, enough.

PCBA goes private as private can be while tackling political, social and personal issues. Host Boy Abunda is fearless, tough, prying and sometimes irreverent and wild in his questions.

Boy has the knack of catching his interviewees off guard. …