WAR IN IRAQ 2003: 'We All Live Together in This Society'

Article excerpt

THE Bishop of Coventry has urged Coventrians not to backlash against ethnic minorities in the city following the outbreak of war in Iraq.

The Rt Rev Colin Bennetts said he remains opposed to war in the Gulf and is praying for a swift end to the conflict.

Today he is meeting religious leaders, including Hindu and Muslim representatives, at the Inter-Faith Centre, by Holy Trinity Church, city centre, to make a joint statement of co-operation.

He said: "I want to send out a message that we all live together in this society and we want to show our solidarity."

Asked about the war, he said: "We have to pray it will be as swift and as painless as possible and to give some very serious thought to what follows.

"We need to think how we can be constructively engaged with the reconstruction of the country and rescue the people from what could be a terrible dilemma they find themselves in. …