Voluntary Payment of Unregistered Imported Motor Vehicles Okayed

Article excerpt


Owners of unregistered imported motor vehicles that were brought into the country prior to Dec. 28, 2002, have been given until April 30, 2003 to pay the lawful customs duties and taxes and apply for registration with the Land Transportation Office (LTO) without having to shoulder fines, surcharges and penalties on their customs delinquencies.

This was authorized by President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo under Executive Order No. 142 issued on Dec. 28, 2002, to give the owners of said vehicles the opportunity to secure the necessary LTO registration amid reports that an undetermined number of imported motor vehicles remain unregistered for non-payment of duties or tax deficiencies.

Locally assembled vehicles with imported parts and components, and imported motorcycles are considered motor vehicles covered by EO 142.

Pursuant to EO 142, the LTO, Bureau of Customs (BoC), and Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) issued guidelines providing for the administrative and operational procedures in the issuance of BoC-BIR clearance for said vehicles.

Before imported motor vehicles are registered by LTO, their owners shall have to secure clearance from BoC, and in some instances, from the BIR.

A BoC clearance for registration is issued only upon the full settlement of duties and taxes due on the corresponding vehicles, but without penalties. …