Commissioners to Review Zoning Ordinances

Article excerpt

Fayette County commissioners may clarify placement of communications towers as part of a review of county zoning ordinances.

Towers are permitted as long as they meet the zoning requirements and have been approved by the Zoning Hearing Board and by the commissioners.

The amendments include protection for historic structures and for aircraft.

The Zoning Hearing Board has approved the revisions.

David Bukovan, director of the county's Office of Planning, Zoning and Community Development, read the changes at a public hearing before Commissioner Angela Zimmerlink and Commissioner Vincent Vicites on Thursday.

One requirement aims to reduce the number of towers in the county: applicants must contact owners of towers or tall structures within one mile of the proposed tower to determine if the proposed antenna and other equipment could be added to the existing structure.

If a new tower is necessary, it must be located on a lot large enough to ensure that the base of the tower is as far away from the nearest adjoining property as the tower is high. …